ClearSol GL-T

ClearSol GL-T is a new cleaning technology based on renewable, plant-based surfactants engineered specifically for glass or non-streaking hard surface cleaners.  Therefore, ClearSol GL-T can be formulated into “green” cleaners due to its high biodegradability and low acute aquatic toxicity levels.  Unlike conventional nonionic surfactants, ClearSol GL-T is designed so that it will leave minimal to no streaks or smears while providing the highest level of wetting and detergency associated with nonionic surfactants for optimal performance.  This new technology when formulated at a 0.10 – 0.50 % use level into a glass or hard surface cleaning formula will improve the wetting and penetrating properties of hard surface cleaners.

  • Renewable, plant-based “green” surfactant.
  • Improved wetting and detergency.

View our Safety Data Sheet for ClearSol GL-T

View our Technical Data Sheet for ClearSol GL-T