Clear Solutions USA, LLC

Our mission at Clear Solutions USA is to provide our customers with first-class customer service and unique innovative technologies.  Additionally, in association with EP Consulting, Inc. we provide quality commodity chemical products.

“We bridge the gap between innovative technology and the marketplace.”

Clear Solutions USA was formed in 2004 to provide unique solutions to a wide variety of cleaning applications.  Its innovative technologies are used in major breweries; draft beer lines; milk, cheese, butter, and ice cream production plants; poultry and egg plants; fryer industries; and just about every food-related company that needs to “clean.”   Other markets served include pulp and paper, metal finishing, and truck and car wash.  Clear Solutions USA products are proprietary formulas based upon existing and pending patents.

Clear Solutions USA offers new and unique technologies using environmentally friendly surfactants and additive packages.  These products are modified according to the specific needs of each customer and industry.  By using these custom-designed innovative formulations, Clear Solutions USA‘s customers are able to establish a specialty market in which there is little or no competition.  In addition, Clear Solutions USA offers expert customer service to assist with establishing a cleaning program for customers  needing to clean all kinds of fluid-delivery lines and exterior surfaces.

Clear Solutions USA’s experienced team of representatives are ready to serve you anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and have the ability to serve you worldwide.   Check out Our Team !

The “partnership” between Clear Solutions USA and EP Consulting, Inc. allows the customer the option of importing commodity chemical products while being introduced to new and exciting cleaning technologies.

Since 1994 EP Consulting, Inc. has provided consulting services on a case-by-case basis to Clear Solutions USA for a wide variety of commodity and specialty chemicals which ship throughout the United States  and can do the same for you!

EP Consulting, Inc. provides customers with reliable information and sources of commodity chemical products from around the world.  EP Consulting, Inc. focuses on the multiple factors that can influence domestic and import prices of commodity chemical products, including global and local market trends and commodity location and domestic/international freight trends.  By focusing on these factors, EP Consulting, Inc. can typically offer competitive prices on commodity chemical products.