Our Team

Lance Renfrow

Lance Renfrow, Clear Solutions USA


Office: 480-539-4276
Cell: 480-678-4766
Email: lance@clearsolutionsusa.com
Lance holds a B. S. Degree in chemical engineering from Arizona State University.  In his 48-year-career, Lance established a proven track record with two Fortune 500 companies in sales, racked up considerable international sales experience, and is experienced in structuring acquisitions.  Lance holds two patents in the chemical industry and currently has patent-pending technology.  He is the founder of E. P. Consulting, Inc. (a consulting company and broker of commodity chemicals) and Clear Solutions USA, LLC (developer of chemical technology for cleaning applications).  Lance is a world-class water skier, having skied as a professional show skier at Cypress Gardens in Florida and with Tommy Bartlett at Wisconsin Dells.  He also skied competitively for 36 years and was inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame in 2012 with the Award of Distinction.  He has served as a Trustee on the USA Water Ski Educational Foundation since 1986.  He continues to ski on a regular basis, as well as coach.  He hosts an annual event called Skiing with the Legends in October at Crystal Point in Gilbert, AZ where he currently resides.  He also serves on the Business Advisory Committee for Congressman Matt Salmon of 5th District Arizona.

Greg Eagleburger

Greg Eagleburger, Sanders and Parks, and Clear Solutions USA

Legal Counsel

Phone: 602-532-5692
Email: greg@clearsolutionsusa.com
A Shareholder and Director at Sanders & Parks, P.C., Greg has actively practiced law throughout the Southwestern United States for over 40 years.  Greg graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Business with Accounting Specialization and received his law degree from the University of Texas.  Greg is also active in the Phoenix area music and arts, serving as the attorney for and a board member of the Phoenix Symphony Guild, Phoenix Youth Symphony, as a member of the Phoenix Theatre Guild, and is General Counsel for the New Life Society.

Bob Peterson

Bob Peterson, Clear Solutions USA

Southwestern Regional Sales Representative

Phone: 602-418-6675
Email: bob@clearsolutionsusa.com
Bob is a seasoned sales and marketing executive in the chemical industry.  Prior to joining Clear Solutions USA in 2009, Bob’s 40+ year career included sales rep and senior level manager nationwide for Stauffer Chemicals where he was responsible for million-dollar budgets, billings, product orders, and customer service.  After relocating to the west coast in the mid-1980s, Bob established sales territories and new sales opportunities for three major west coast chemical distributors.  Bob has a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Bradley University.  He lives with his wife in the greater Phoenix area, is a world history buff, and continues his passion for sports as an avid Chicago Bears fan and formidable tennis player in his local tennis league.

Cliff Daly

Cliff Daly, TR Solutions and Clear Solutions USA

Midwestern Regional Sales Representative

Phone: 513-383-9254
Email: cliff@clearsolutionsusa.com
A graduate of Thomas Moore College and Xavier University in Cincinnati, Cliff graduated with an MBA.  He has 40 years of experience in the chemical distribution, packaging, and blending industry, having worked  for M. J. Daly Company, HVC/Daly-Organic Solvents, Oils, Surfactants.  Cliff is currently working for TR Solutions, LLC, marketing specialty surfactants and technology for Clear Solutions USA.  Cliff is a member of the Cincinnati Chemical Association and treasurer of the Cincinnati Ink Club

Joe Diersen

Joe Diersen, Clear Solutions USA

Southern Regional Sales Representative

Phone: 770-330-8005
Email: joe@clearsolutionsusa.com
A 40-year veteran of chemical manufacturing and distribution, Joe currently works for Clear Solutions USA in sales and business development out of Marietta, Georgia.  A graduate of the University of Richmond, Joe majored in Chemistry.  Joe enjoys playing tennis in  his spare time.

John B. Mercurio

John Mercurio, TR Solutions, and Clear Solutions USA

Midwestern Regional Sales Representative

Phone: 513-607-6666
Email: john@clearsolutionsusa.com
John is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and has 40 years of experience working in chemical blending, sales, sales management, marketing, and chemical distribution.  His areas of focus are inorganic chemicals, mineral acids, and surfactants.  John gained his experience with Herbert Verkamp Calvert Chemical Company (E&E Group), Univar USA (VW&R), and currently works for TR Solutions, LLC marketing specialty surfactants and technology for Clear Solutions USA.  John is a member of Great Parks of Hamilton County/VIP and a lifetime member of VFW Post 7570.

Les Suhayda

Les Suhayda, Laszlo Corporation and Clear Solutions USA

North Central Regional Sales Representative

Phone: 314-304-4502
Email: les@clearsolutionsusa.com
Les has 25 years of chemical purchasing experience in organic , inorganic, and specialty chemicals.  He graduated from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville with a BSBA in Business.  President of the Laszlo Corporation in St. Peters, Missouri,  Les represents Clear Solutions USA marketing specialty chemical technology that brings cost savings to beer, dairy, and industrial arenas.  A veteran of the US Navy and an accomplished soccer player, Les was nominated for Aurora University Soccer Hall of Fame and currently coaches soccer in his spare time.

Pamela Sexton Kahn

Pamela, Clear Solutions USA

South Central Regional Sales Representative

Phone:  713-553-1586
Email: pamela@clearsolutionsusa.com
Pamela Sexton Kahn joined Clear Solutions USA in 2015 with 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry which began in 1989 when she was employed by a small chemical distributor in Houston, Texas. Over the next 14 years her responsibilities included customer service, inventory control, importing, exporting, distribution, sales and purchasing of various chemical commodities and specialties for various customers throughout the United States, Europe, and Mexico. In 1992, she joined Holtrachem, Inc. for a 10-year stint in marketing/sales. Pamela ventured out on her own in 2002 and since then has concentrated her efforts on business development, product development, worldwide marketing, management, and sales with Genoa International LLC. Pamela was raised overseas and spent most of her formative years in Tripoli, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe where her father was employed in the oil and gas industry and her mother a native of Germany. She has extensive international exposure, business travel, and exposure to different cultures around the world. She enjoys traveling, sailing, and spending time with friends and family. Pamela studied International Business Relations at Schiller University in Heidelberg, Germany.

Steve Rampton

Rambo, Clear Solutions USA

Northeastern Regional Sales Representative

Phone: 908-884-6843
Email: rambo@clearsolutionsusa.com
Rambo brings 30 years of sales and customer service experience to Clear Solutions USA.  With a degree in engineering at Vanderbilt and an MBA from Tulane, the chemical industry has been a good home for him.  He enjoys helping customers with process and cleaning recommendations.  The nickname “Rambo” was given to him because he is a combat veteran, not from being tough on customers.

Dianna Renfrow

Dianna Renfrow, Clear Solutions USA

Operations Manager

Office: 480-539-4276
Cell: 480-236-1974.
Email: dianna@clearsolutionsusa.com
Dianna holds a B.S. Degree in Business Administration/Management from the University of Tennessee-Martin and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. She has 40+ years of management experience with emphasis in production supervision (GTE Sylvania), personal business management (Westcor Partners), and operations management (Radford Resources, LLC). Dianna’s emphasis in her role as operations manager of Clear Solutions USA is EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and SMOOTH-RUNNING OPERATIONS—thus the 24/7 schedule! Dianna has a Lifetime Teaching Certificate in the Maricopa County Community College District and taught for 18 years as an adjunct professor in the Business Department on various campuses. She has a private pilot’s license and is a certified SCUBA diver. She has a passion for the arts and is a patron of Phoenix Art Museum and Phoenix Theater. In her spare time she loves to read, hike, and “socialize.” She makes her home in Scottsdale, AZ.